Making it easier to access urgent care in Wirral

We need to make changes to the services that people use when they need urgent care.

Urgent Care means the services you use when you have an illness or injury that is not life-threatening, but you need an urgent clinical opinion (within 24 hours).

At the moment these services are provided in a number of ways and people have told us that they are often confused about where to go when they need help. As a result, many people go to our only Accident and Emergency (A&E) department, which is not necessarily the most appropriate service for their situation.

NHS England has been reviewing urgent and emergency care services across the country for some time and recognises the confusion that people face. They want to improve these services to make it easier for patients to understand the choices available to them. NHS England also require a number of ‘must haves’, including an Urgent Treatment Centre which we need to put in place.

This website provides information about our proposals to make Wirral's urgent care services better. Before we make any decisions, we need your views.

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You can find downloadable versions of the full consultation document below:

Our urgent care consultation is closed. Thanks to everybody that took the time to share their views. Updates will be available on

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